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Sunday, September 28, 2008

List of Cricut Accessories

  • blades, regular
  • Bowling Bag for Baby Cricut (also grey)
  • Cartridge Storage Binders - one for fonts and one for shapes (different colors to help with organization) - each holds four carts & their overlays
  • Color Inks - currently 4 varieties
  • Cricut (original)
  • Cricut roller tote
  • Cricut Expressions
  • Cricut Expressions Shoulder Bag/duffel bag
  • Cricut Expressions roller tote
  • Cricut Jukebox - this plugs in to your Cricut; it enables you to plug in 6 carts at once (more if you purchase and want to "stack" the Jukebox's); excellent for Design Studio as well as for storage! - pic is in the slideshow
  • Cricut PLSS's
  • Cricut Vinyl tape - to help you get your creation on the wall
  • Cutting Mats, 6 x 12 for the small Cricut and 12 x 12 and 12 x 24 for the large Cricut
  • Deep blade housing
  • Deep blades
  • Design Studio Software
  • embossing kit and refills
  • Essentials Kit (called Cricut Essentials)-has spatula, tool kit, trimmer, pack of 2 replacement blades, pack of 2 cutting mats,2 packs of Cricut paper
  • Fabric Transfer
  • GoBe -- portable power supply for the Cricut
  • GoBe solar pack
  • Grey Messenger Bag
  • Paper-6 x 12, and the 12 x 24 vinyls as well as cardstock
  • Regular blade housing (really more of a replacement item since it comes with the Cricut)
  • Regular Replacement Blades
  • Spatula Tool
  • stamp kit and refills
  • Stencil Magnet Material, 12 x 12 -- this is not the Plaid I mentioned in a post but actual
  • magnetic stencil material made for the Cricut that retails for about $9
  • messenger bag (grey with green trim) - not made to hold a Cricut, but has the logo
  • Storage Tote for Baby Cricut
  • Tool Kit-items in the tool kit are also sold separately. Has scoop, knife, scraper, hook, scissors,
  • ruler, & bone folder. Also has a place to store your blades.
  • Trimmer