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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Websites that have free cut files for your Cricut Design Studio Software

NOTE: If someone wants this list of sites, we thank you for directing them to this blog. It took quite a while to compile this list, as we went through hundreds of blogs & tried to find cut files if they were posted. It's just a courtesy we'd appreciate. We ask for you to not copy & paste items from this blog for public view.
Thank you for understanding.

These are some of my favorite blogs with cut files: - yeah, yeah, you're actually on this blog. Just scroll down to the posts and you'll see cut files for lamps, tons & tons of borders & frames, a flower book, and some 4x6 perfed mats. I put this here so no one would forget to look at the cut files on this blog -- I promise I'm not that vain (OK, maybe a little). I'd sure appreciate comments especially if you decide to download a cut file. I'm sure those listed below would also appreciate a comment as well. THANKS!!!! These are actually SVG fles for SCAL, and if you have SCAL you will want to visit this blog ASAP - there are SO MANY wonderful files to download! The ribbon flower is one of the most beautiful, unique creations I've seen in a long time Cute mesh files and borders Cute Under the Sea files using George -- Elmo, Hello Kitty, photo tabs -- and you have to check out the pic of her kid in the toybox! -- her Christmas stockings are just adorable She has the most adorable house warming invitation! Elegant taste, to say the least - check out her version of the felt ribbon you've seen around. - click on this one, trust me! CS files - she is amazingly talented; check out the Statue of Liberty! Her cards are stunning - and she decorates cakes too! CDS Files - love her style - food designs, an absolutely adorable Tigger ticket book; wonderful Aladdin file CDS Files - great with the instructional -cute mug, great cardmaker She's got a cut file for the cutest onesie! Her borders are gorgeous She's a spectacular scrapper, check out her fancy edge "word" book. Here's your Elmo cut file - CDS Files - the lace doily is a work of art, and that's only the beginning - CDS Files- teddy bear, beehive, bandaid, etc., etc. - Wonder Pets and Harold the Helicopter -CDS cut files mainly with the George cartridge. Love her slider card! Check out her recipes as well... Vehicles made with CDS Books made with CDS -CDS files from a Flickr group cute Russian doll file; cute purse, adorable graduation card...she's got the magic touch!! another awesome DS blog flourish cut files She loves borders like me -a great cardmaker from the UK -direct link to Cricut Cutter Yahoo Group's folder of cut files. You may have to be a member of the group to peak in to the folder. Very popular site for cut files Nice because you click on one link for all designs beautiful cards Pokemon, flipflops, glasses... New Blogger, cute firetruck with the file to go with it Another new blogger, has some word books posted--I love how she put them together Has several cut files from Erin Lincoln Many word book files are posted to this thread Cup cake wrapper, kleenex box, gorgeous borders...